Fighter F-16


F-16 fighters will become invisible for C-300 complexes

The upgraded F-16 fighters will make the C-300 complexes helpless.

Russian S-300 SAM systems are considered to be sufficiently effective air defense systems, since they are capable of destroying various types of air targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and cruise missiles. Nevertheless, in the near future, these air defense systems may be useless against the new modification of the US F-16V fourth-generation fighter "Viper", which is due to a new technology that significantly reduces their radar visibility.

As an innovative way to reduce the radar visibility of the F-16V fighter Viper, it is proposed to use a special coating similar to that used on the fifth-generation F-22 fighter aircraft, which can reduce the radar visibility of the fighter at 30-40%, thereby allowing the aircraft closer approach the air defense facilities and destroy them with regular weapons.

Nevertheless, a rather big drawback of this approach is the extremely high cost of modernized aircraft, which, in fact, will not differ in anything from the cost of American fifth-generation fighters.

It should be clarified that China is currently seriously concerned about this issue, as according to available data, the F-16V "Viper" fighters are supposed to be put into service in Taiwan, which will seriously strengthen this region and create a threat for the PRC.

C300 has means of detecting only the X-band

Before the laws of physics, all are equal. And the airplane can be invisible only in one case, which is not needed by anyone.

There's not only a covering case, it's only in the X-band that gives an effect. Change the body of the glider by placing a special ledge at the entrance to the air intake of the engine. Then the engine blades will not reflect the radar signal back.

Upgraded f 16 and that with 300 to upgrade already nizya

Looking at Israel f-16 in Syria uses, and then we cry, such as Pantsir could not destroy this rocket ... It's just that our technique is handled, and in the hands of the hands of soldiers, it's even more deplorable


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