Raptor F-22


Fighters F-22 the US Air Force will be deployed in Europe

American fighters 5-th generation will be available in Europe.

At the moment, we are talking about placing on the territory of several European states fighter Raptor F-22, which are very promising military aircraft, and possessing the technology to be barely noticeable for radar systems.

The Avia.pro information resource has learned that the deployment of fifth-generation fighter jets in Europe is nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate the strength of the United States towards Russia. Nevertheless, skeptics call the US intention no more than an empty speech, since not all EU countries will want to deploy American aircraft on their territory, while in the rest of the states, the maintenance of military aircraft will be simply unprofitable.

Russian experts say that such actions by the US will only cause the further development of the conflict between the two countries, which goes into the so-called arms race.

There is a possibility that due to the actions of the USA, Russia offered Belarus to place on its territory more about 12 their combat fighters that before, about a year ago, has been discussed at the highest levels.