F-35 fighters struck at the SAA right in the sight of Russian S-400

The Pentagon has published a video of delivering new attacks on Syria with F-35 fighters.

American F-35 fighters attacked the Syrian military right at their side near the Russian S-400 air defense. This is evidenced by the video footage published by the command of Operation Unshakable Determination, and, apparently, airstrikes were inflicted on Syrian troops and pro-Iranian military units only a few days ago - during an attack on an American military base in the area of ​​Et-Tanf.

Judging by the information provided, airstrikes were carried out several kilometers from the de-escalation zone in Al-Tanf, and, most likely, the strike itself was launched from a low altitude, as indicated by the maneuver of an American combat aircraft, and, apparently, this was how the fighter managed to hide their presence from Russian air defense systems.

Given the fact that the Russian military air base Khmeimim, where the S-400 air defense systems are located, is located about 250 kilometers from the site of the strike of the American F-35, this means that the radars of the Russian Triumphs should have been noticed by the American fighter operating in the territory controlled by the Syrian military.

Information about the attack on the largest US military base in Syria appeared a few days ago, while there was evidence that the clashes killed both the Syrian military and US-controlled forces that are not US troops.

Well, it’s clear that Russian air defense will not shoot down American planes unless they directly hit Russian units ... This is understandable to a fool. They don’t dare to start such a "mess" first ... Now, if the Americans hit the Russian base, then another thing ...

we have agreements with all who bomb Syrian and Iranian troops on not countering


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