Air Force of the PRC


The fighters and bombers of the air force of the PRC are raised on alarm

The leader of the PRC raised in combat alert the fighters and bombers of the country.

Against the background of how the US, Britain and France decided to attack sovereign Syria, the head of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping decided to conduct large-scale military exercises off the coast of Taiwan. The actions of official Beijing are mainly connected with demonstrating their military capabilities to NATO member countries, as well as the United States, which "... actively interfere in the internal affairs of other states."

At the moment it is known that more than 70 combat fighters were brought into the air, including modern Chinese fighters of the 5 generation, about two dozen bombers. All of them work out the fulfillment of combat missions at their borders.

"We must fully realize the idea of ​​the Communist Party to build strong and loyal armed forces, strengthen them through reforms and technologies and manage them in accordance with the law"Xi Jinping said.

Earlier, the French press published an article in which it is stated that in the event of unfolding a full-fledged military conflict in Syria, the Chinese Air Force were ready to advance to the borders of the Arab Republic in order to contain the military aggression of the United States and its allies, which, given the military partnership between the PRC and Russia, could well correspond to reality.

This is an appeal to the editor.
1) When talking about fighters, do not put as an illustration a pair of Tu-16.
2) The Chinese Air Force will never engage the US Air Force on any side. China is an ally only to China.
3) Large-scale exercises are conducted not "suddenly", but according to plan.
4) In Taiwan, the PRC only makes passes in the direction of the US The rest of the NATO bastard at the Tsushima battle (in the Chinese version) does not even twitch. The same lady of the seas will take care of her frigate and a half and spew the Russian ships peacefully passing through the strait.

I consider the material somewhat biased (using politically correct vocabulary).