MiG-29CMT fighters delivered a group air strike. Video

Crews of MiG-29CMT fighters inflicted a group air strike.

At the disposal of the resource Avia.pro was a video on which you can see how the crews of the Russian MiG-29SMT fighters delivered an accurate group air strike. Such attacks can easily destroy large enemy forces, stopping its offensive, as demonstrated by the pilots of the VKS.

On the presented video frames, you can see how Russian pilots use different types of weapons, hitting targets on the ground, and, as experts note, the crew’s work is harmonious, which indicates the highest level of flight crew training.

It should be clarified that Russian MiG-29 fighters have proven themselves well, including in Syria, where they took part in attacking the terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group officially banned in the territory of the Russian Federation - Ed.), as a result, thanks to the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Russia managed to liberate a large part of the territory of the Arab Republic from terrorists.