Russian plane


NATO fighters intercepted the rarest Russian military aircraft

Belgian fighters intercepted the rarest Russian military aircraft.

A few hours ago, the Belgian Air Force published a photo showing moments that were rather unpleasant for Russia, at least, according to the Belgian side, one of the rarest Russian military aircraft, the Tu-134UBL “Black Pearl”, was intercepted in the sky over the Baltic Sea.

“The Belgian Air Force fighters intercepted a unique board in the airspace over the Baltic Sea - the Russian Tu-134UBL Crusty-B, which is often called the Black Pearl because of its color. He is often used in the Russian Aerospace Forces to train pilots and navigators of the Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers. ”- report the Belgian Air Force.

It is not a question of interception by itself, since the meeting of Russian and Belgian aircraft took place in international airspace, and therefore it would be much more logical to use the word “interception”, but escort.

At the moment, the fact on which the Belgian Air Force “intercepted” the Russian military aircraft remains unknown if, according to the latest information, its flight was reported in advance, which does not exclude a possible next provocation by NATO.

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