Royal Air Force


NATO fighters intercepted six Russian Su-24 bombers

British fighters intercepted Russian front-line bombers.

On the eve of the afternoon, the Royal Air Force of Great Britain reported that over the Black Sea an intercept of the Russian Su-24 bomber was carried out. The incident occurred even 13 August, near the border with Romania.

As reported by the British Air Force, Russian Su-24 front-line bombers were intercepted by combat fighters. Eurofighter Typhoon, while, as the media emphasize, the interception was connected with the NATO mission to contain Russian aggression.

According to the version presented by the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, six Russian front-line bombers were sighted in the airspace over the Black Sea. In connection with the existing danger, four British fighters were raised from the Romanian military air base to the sky, and they were sent to intercept Russian military aircraft.

It should be clarified that in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation this information was completely refuted, referring to the fact that on that day the Russian front bombers did not perform flights over the Black Sea.

The British edition of "Express" reported in turn that the Royal Air Force of Britain has evidence that the interception of Russian bombers did take place, and therefore, the updated information on this issue may be made public in the near future.

This "duck" was launched by NATO members! Su-24 did not fly at all.

After a careful check, it turned out that the English pursued a flock of pelicans. after the pack sat on the water, the British pilots lost them from the radar and returned back to the base saying that the mission was completed.

And our fools could not resist fighters? Do you feel sorry for kerosene? The country itself know who ...

They had to shoot them to hell with the dogs - they flew away, the rulers of the Black Sea

As always, the British can provide information, but provide disinformation.