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Su-30 fighters scare off US "USS Detroit", which tried to break the waters of Venezuela

The American warship staged a provocation near the territorial waters of Venezuela.

According to Venezuelan media, the USS Detroit approached the territorial waters of Venezuela and began to move along the border of this Latin American state, creating a threat. Initially, the escort of the American coastal warship was carried out by a warship of the Navy of Venezuela, and later, Su-30 fighters appeared in the area, as a result of which the USS Detroit left the region.

What exactly caused such a provocation is still unknown, but earlier official Caracas issued a harsh warning that any warships appearing in the territorial waters of the country would be affected by all types of weapons existing in the arsenal of Venezuela.

The U.S. Navy command has not yet commented on the incident, however, experts believe that the appearance of an American warship in this area may be due to the recent meeting of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido.

It should be clarified that there were no violations of the borders of Venezuela.

And who has approved the supply of high-tech weapons to Venezuela?


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