Grozny Avia Airline


From Ekaterinburg to Grozny airline with Grozny Avia airline will start flying from 7 on April

Airline "Grozny Avia"Will start flying from Ekaterinburg to Grozny.

The start of the flights from Koltsovo airport is scheduled for 7 April, and as it became known from the representatives of the air carrier, the planes of the company will fly between the two cities of Russia once a week, but it is possible that in case of increased demand for air tickets among passengers, the number of flights can be increased Up to 2-3 per week.

Departures from Koltsovo airport in the direction of Grozny are scheduled for 11 hours 30 minutes local time, and the ticket price will be about 12 thousand rubles, which, according to experts, will not be very effective for people following in the current direction.