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From North Korea to South Korea can launch regular flights

Between North Korea and South Korea can establish air communication.

A source from South Korea made a statement that at the moment the authorities of the two countries are considering the possibility of opening a regular air service between Pyongyang and Seoul. In fact, this will make it possible to carry out flights for citizens of the two states with the purpose of visiting relatives, will open an opportunity for doing business, etc. The source informs that so far the organization of direct air communication between Pyongyang and Seoul is only being considered, but it is obvious that if flights and will be carried out, then not more often than once a week, since this route direction is unlikely to enjoy great popularity, either from the citizens of the DPRK or from the citizens of South Korea.

It should be clarified that the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un said that he is ready to establish diplomatic relations with South Korea, thereby defusing the situation on the territory of the region, which of course found support among the authorities of South Korea, and although negotiations are currently being held on this , experts do not exclude that by the summer of 2018, relations between the two states will reach an entirely new level.