Airline Victory Magnitogorsk


From Magnitogorsk it will be possible to fly to Sochi and Anapa

Pobeda airline will launch direct flights from Magnitogorsk in Sochi and Anapa.

The emergence of new flights from the Magnitogorsk airport is primarily due to the development of new route routes by the Pobeda air carrier, in particular, according to representatives of the low-coster, they intend to make regular flights from the regional cities to Sochi and Anapa, and Magnitogorsk also got on the current list.

According to preliminary information, the airline "Victory" will begin to fly from Magnitogorsk to the designated cities, starting in May, and the cost of the tariff will be from 999 rubles without taking into account any additional fees.

It is expected that new passenger flights will become popular among residents of Magnitogorsk, as it is not only one of the fastest ways to get to Russian resort towns, but also one of the cheapest.