An air crash in the suburbs


From the offices of "Saratov Airlines" the documentation was withdrawn

The airline "Saratov Airlines" seized the documentation.

At the moment, the representatives of Rostransnadzor and the transport prosecutor's office are studying the documentation withdrawn from the office of the Russian air carrier "Saratov Airlines", believing that the documents may have a clue about the reasons for the tragic plane crash that took place the day before, that killed the human 71.

By the present moment, it is known that the An-148 passenger plane crashed in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region had an airworthiness certificate, and suspicions that the previously identified violations could have caused the blame can be officially lifted.

Experts working at the site of the plane crash are currently considering several versions of the plane crash that occurred, among them the failure of the control system, the engine's malfunctioning, an explosion on board the aircraft, a pilot error, etc.,

It should be clarified that in the near future specialists are ready to decipher the data from the flight recorders, which is likely to allow us to reveal the secret of the tragedy that occurred.