Due to an engine failure crashed MiG-31.


Due to an engine failure crashed MiG-31.

December 14 2013. As a result of engine failure, the fighter MiG-31 It crashed about Primorye. The vessel flew out Knevichi airport. Pilots managed to escape, they are ejected. Immediately after the rescue squad and ambulance arrival, they were sent to Vladivostok, to the military hospital. Physicians report that the state of health is stable drivers.

Fighter crashed near the airbase where there were people who called the rescue teams. As a result of the fall on earth no one was hurt, no destructions. The police cordoned off the area with a radius of 5 km from the crash site. A special commission will investigate the cause of the disaster.

The MiG-31 is a two-seater supersonic interceptor fighter. The launch of the fighter began 25 years ago, but now it is also the fastest ship in the world. The MiG is capable of intercepting and destroying missiles that fly parallel to the ship.

Well, that all ended well for the people, nothing is more valuable than human lives saved! Equipment will create more. perhaps better and more perfect, and his mother stayed with the children, and that is the main thing.