Krasnoyarsk Airport


Due to reports of a bomb, from Krasnoyarsk airport evacuated over 300 people

Telephone terrorist "mined" Krasnoyarsk Airport of Yemelyanovo.

Because an anonymous call, the police had to be evacuated from the territory of the airport more than three hundred people, and in addition, also had to be postponed and the flight of three flights, two of which were to follow in Novosibirsk, and another one - in Moscow. Search events held airport staff, dog, and police did not give any results, but after some time in the police station were taken, and of the "joker", which turned out to 52-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk, which is less than two weeks ago has been brought to justice for these same acts .

It remains unknown what prompted a man to commit a crime, but now, in addition to a large fine, he may also face a prison sentence.