Airport Barnaul


Because of the fog, the airport of Barnaul could not take two flights from Moscow

Because of the fog, two airplanes could not land in Barnaul.

We are talking about flights from Moscow that followed them, which, due to unfavorable conditions, could not land at their final destination, which is why they were redirected to land in Novosibirsk. Nevertheless, experts report that this is not problematic, and in the near future the situation with fog will normalize, in particular, by now it is known that one of the delayed flights is already being prepared for departure.

It should be clarified that the morning fog is caused, as a rule, by the lack of stability in day and night temperatures, which in turn leads to evaporation of moisture and its condensation, with the formation of fine particles, which, due to their high density, are the main component of the fog.

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