Israel steps up strikes on Syria


Israel steps up strikes on Syria

Seven officials and diplomats from the Middle East region told Reuters that Israel has stepped up its covert strikes on weapons sites, supply routes and officials linked to Iran in Syria. These actions began even before Israel threatened a large-scale attack on Lebanese Hezbollah, Tehran's main ally.

According to sources, on June 2, an Israeli airstrike on targets in Syria killed 18 people, including an adviser to Iran's Revolutionary Guards. In addition, a strike was carried out on a secret weapons facility near Aleppo. In May, a convoy of trucks transporting missile parts to Lebanon was attacked and Hezbollah members were killed in another attack.

Israel has been bombing Iran-allied militias in Syria for years. These operations escalated into open conflict following the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip and Hamas's Operation Bul al-Aqsa on October 7.

Israel has killed dozens of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah commanders in Syria since the Oct. 7 attack, according to a tally by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Just last year, two of them were killed before this attack.

The conflict came to a head in April when Israel bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus and killed a senior IRGC commander. Iran responded by firing nearly 300 missiles and drones at Israel, nearly all of which were shot down. Israel responded with drone attacks on Iranian territory, while signaling to Iran its ability to inflict more serious damage on Iranian nuclear facilities.


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