Israel was attacked by two more attack drones - three IDF soldiers were wounded

Amid ongoing tensions in the Middle East, the conflict between Israel and pro-Iranian forces continues to escalate. The previous evening, members of the Hezbollah group fired two attack drones into the Beit Hillel area, located near Kiryat Shmona, as a result of which three Israeli soldiers were injured.

A few hours after this incident, an armed attack occurred on Lebanese territory - a car was attacked in the village of Ain Baal near the city of Tire. The attack killed a Hezbollah commander on the southern Lebanese coast and injured two other passengers in the vehicle.

According to Lebanese sources, since the clashes began on October 7, 365 Lebanese have been killed as a result of the fighting, 70 of whom were civilians. The remaining victims are members of Shiite and Palestinian military groups. On the Israeli side, losses amounted to ten soldiers and eight civilians.

In this context, Iran, through the representative of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic Shekarchi, sent a sharp warning to Great Britain, France and Germany, calling on them to stop supporting Israel. Shekarchi emphasized that any participation of these countries in military actions against Iran will lead to even more decisive retaliatory measures from Tehran.


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