Israeli Air Force


Israel is preparing to destroy the defense of Syria, while Russia deals with the West

Israel is considering the possibility of a large-scale strike on the Syrian air defense system.

Despite the significant strengthening of the Syrian military by the modern Russian S-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system, as well as the integration of Russian electronic warfare, radar and anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems with Syrian air defense systems, Israel is preparing to launch one of the most powerful attacks on the territory of Syria . This is evidenced by the increasing number of flights of Israeli reconnaissance aircraft on the Syrian-Lebanese border, as well as the latest Israeli air strikes on this country.

According to analysts, as long as Russia has a number of worries about the situation in the Kerch Strait, Israel will certainly take the opportunity to attack Syria. At the moment, there are all the prerequisites for this, in particular, we are talking about Iran’s missiles allegedly being delivered to Lebanon, the establishment of Iran’s new military bases in Syria (according to the Israeli side - Ed.), And Russia's refusal to take any measures influence on Iran.

On the other hand, given Israel’s latest failed attack on 29 in November 2018, Syria may well reflect even a large-scale Israeli strike, although to date, Favorit’s C-300 has not yet been deployed for combat duty, and therefore Syrian military will not be able to hit Israeli aircraft.

I think that both sides have long wanted to make a "friendly match" between F-35 and C-300 / 400.

Well, damn, you have got so many weapons there, and what will Israel do to you? You just have to shoot down, and not look at Netanyahu, then they will respect