Israel launches missile attack on Isfahan province in Iran


Israel launches missile attack on Isfahan province in Iran

The strike was carried out in response to the attack on 13 April. Fox News, citing a US military source, reports that the strike was “limited.” CNN also, citing an administration source, notes that the United States did not support Israel's retaliatory strike on Iran.

Iranian media report explosions in the area of ​​Isfahan airport and one of the army air force bases. At the same time, Iran suspended flights over some cities after the Israeli attack. In particular, it is reported that local authorities have banned flights over Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. A video is being published online that allegedly shows the operation of the Iranian air defense system.

Earlier, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said that Iran had identified the location of “all Israeli nuclear facilities” and was ready to strike at them at any moment in the event of Tel Aviv’s aggression. However, according to Tasnim, nuclear facilities in Isfahan are safe. CNN writes that Israel does not plan to attack nuclear facilities.

At the moment, the Pentagon has no comment on reports of an Israeli strike on Iranian territory, a department spokesman said.

The day before, Israel warned the United States about an attack on Iran within 24-48 hours, Bloomberg notes.


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