Ammunition explosion


Israel launched air strikes at the Syrian military airbase - dozens of casualties and casualties. Video

Israel launched a series of rocket attacks on the Syrian military air base.

Tonight, Israeli F-16 fighters, contrary to the agreements between Netanyahu and Putin, launched a series of rocket attacks on the Syrian military air base located on the outskirts of Damascus. It is known that air defense systems, and we are talking about the Pantsir air defense missile system, were unable to intercept Israeli missiles.

Judging by the presented video frames, several missiles delivered direct strikes at warehouses with weapons and ammunition, as well as at warehouses with fuel and lubricants. It is known that, despite the high concentration of air defense and missile defense in this area, only two Israeli Delilah missiles were shot down.

Sources report many casualties and fatalities, while Syrian air defense systems C-300 “Favorite” were not involved in the destruction of Israeli military aircraft.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the air strikes were coordinated with the Russian military, however, experts drew attention to the fact that a few hours before the strikes, in the Syrian capital, the electronic warfare equipment was turned off, which interfered with the operation of GPS and mobile systems communications, and at the same time a high probability of attacks from Israel was predicted.