Israel launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory

Tonight, Israel launched new missile attacks on Syria.

The attack took place without the implementation of preliminary reconnaissance missions by Israeli aircraft. This indicates that the Israeli Air Force attack was not of an operational nature. However, it is known that air defenses failed to intercept all missiles fired by the IDF.

It is reported about pinpoint strikes on the capital of Syria - Damascus, as well as the international airport in Aleppo and the region of Latakia. Syrian air defense recorded four missile launches.

Literally a few hours before the Israeli strikes, an Iranian Il-76 military transport aircraft landed in Syria. At the same time, according to Syrian sources, the plane simulated landing at the Damascus airport and actually landed at the Aleppo International Airport.

Official Damascus has not yet commented on the information about the strikes. However, it is clear that the Israeli attack was directed against the Iranian military, which continues to transfer their weapons to Syria in anticipation of a possible conflict with Israel.


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