Explosion in Syria


Israel launched at least two dozen rocket attacks on Syria. Video

Israel again attacked Syria.

Around midnight, Israeli military aircraft launched another series of air strikes in the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital, which destroyed the warehouse of the Iranian military. Data on the dead are currently not available, however. according to official information, at least ten Israeli missiles fell into Syria, never intercepted by air defense systems.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Syrian air defense systems repelled the Israeli attack, while several missiles were shot down, however, the Israeli Air Force launched a second wave of attack, as a result of which at least a dozen missiles were able to hit the warehouse with weapons of the Iranian military.

In another video, you can see that Israeli rockets really hit a ground object, and judging by the explosions, we are talking either about a warehouse with combustible substances, or about a warehouse with weapons.

Israel officially confirmed its attack on Syria, noting that the reason for this was allegedly the destruction of a warehouse with kamikaze drones, which Iran intended to use against Israel, but the lack of any evidence from the Israeli side caused sharp criticism from the whole Arab world.

It is known that an attack on Israeli aircraft was not undertaken.