Israeli attacks


Israel launched missile attacks on the positions of the Syrian air defense missile system "Strela" in Quneitra

Israel conducted a new attack on the position of the Syrian military.

A few minutes ago it became known that Israeli tanks, artillery and MLRS attacked the territory of Syria. It is reported that the positions of the Syrian military in Quneitra, located relatively close to the Golan Heights, annexed by Israel, were attacked. According to data that appeared on social networks, positions of Syrian air defenses were attacked, while no damage was reported to any victims or victims.

Artillery and rocket attacks on the territory of Syria were also confirmed by the Syrian news publication SANA, which emphasized that the strikes were carried out exclusively by tanks, however, given the remoteness of Quneitra from the closest positions of the Israeli military, analysts believe that attack unmanned aerial vehicles could also be used .

It is known that Syria’s Strela air defense missile systems of various modifications are located in the Syrian city of Kuneytra, while analysts do not exclude that in reality Israel is testing the readiness of Syrian air defense systems to adequately respond to the attacks. At the same time, it is possible that tonight Israel could again launch a series of air strikes against Syria, but the deterrent in this case is the deployment of the C-300 air defense system in the vicinity of Damascus.