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Israel discovered Syrian C-300 using satellites

Israeli satellites have discovered Syrian C-300 complexes and ammunition.

13 November 2018, the Israeli military satellite captured from the orbit of the planet the location of four Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 "Favorite" and a large ammunition depot. According to the presented data, the warehouse of equipment and ammunition is located near the city of Masyaf (Hama province), while experts found that mobile launchers are not in a combat position, which indicates that they are not prepared to repel attacks by the Israeli air force.

Analysts say that even despite Israel’s problems in protecting its territory from missile strikes from the Gaza Strip, the IDF is seeking to obtain competent data on the movements of Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems, and, according to analysts, in the near future on Syria, the next series of air strikes.

“The constant monitoring of the movement of anti-aircraft missile systems points to the fact that Israel seeks to be aware of the situation developing in the territory of the Arab Republic. And although Netanyahu stated that the transfer of C-300 complexes to Russia to Syria is not a problem, Israeli intelligence’s actions suggest the opposite. ”- says the analyst.

Fox also discovered grapes, but could not get it! C-300 is half-trouble, trouble for Israel is Russian EW! So, they will have to sit quietly and quietly on the pope. Lafa is over. Otherwise, it may turn out to be worse than in Lebanon, in the 2006 year, from which Tsakhal barely lost his legs.

There are no unmasking signs of the presence of C-300 in this photo. Do not carry nonsense.


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