Israel refused to comment on the strikes on Iran

The Israeli military did not provide comments in response to media requests about the incidents in Iran, where explosions occurred near the city of Isfahan on Friday morning. According to American television reports, Israel carried out a “limited” retaliatory strike against Iranian targets. The Iranian state agency IRIB reported that the country's air defense systems were triggered by the approach of drones in several provinces. journalists also became aware of a powerful cyber attack against Iran, as a result of which major local media outlets were damaged.

The lack of official comment from the Israeli Armed Forces remains in the context of recent tense relations between Israel and Iran. Earlier, on the night of April 14, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps struck Israel in retaliation for the destruction of the Iranian consulate in Syria by the Israeli military.

This Iranian retaliation caused a serious reaction in Israel, where Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced plans to build a regional coalition to counter the threat from Iran. Gantz stressed that Israel is ready to respond to Iranian actions at the appropriate time and in the most effective manner.

Events in recent days have heightened tensions in the region, with both sides demonstrating readiness for military action.


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