Airplane and rocket


Israel thanked Putin for the possibility of a strike on Syria

Israel "thanked" Putin for the opportunity to destroy the Syrian C-200.

According to the information provided by the Israeli information resource “NZIV”, the C-200 complex destroyed two days earlier in Syria was the goal that the Israeli military agreed with Russia. As the newspaper notes, it was a “special goal”, which became a “gratitude” for the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

According to the data presented, we are talking about the C-200 anti-aircraft missile system, which in September last year launched a rocket on the Russian Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, killing the Russian military.

“This is not the end of generous assistance from Israel, who thanks Putin for this gesture of goodwill and demonstrates that good things can be done with the Jewish state.”, - the newspaper reports.

Experts do not exclude that the NZIV publication itself could create a special provocation, especially since the Syrian side did not officially confirm the loss of its C-200 air defense system, as well as there are no official comments on this matter from Moscow.

It should be clarified that at the moment it remains unknown why the Syrian anti-aircraft defense did not open fire on Israeli fighters, and why Moscow did not react to this fact properly, because the division of the Russian C-400 is located only a few dozen kilometers from Masjaf. .

Putin is staring at microscopic Israel. Because we don’t care, we have nothing to lose ... Or tear us apart (not sure), or we break them (sure).

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Yes. Indeed, the C-300 was delivered and there was not a single launch in Syria, and the Soviet C-200 threshed the Jews. You can't sit with one ass on 2's chairs. Already, the Turks had doubts about C-400. Maybe this is a Russian fake.

For some reason, military equipment of either Russian production or Russia suffers. Probably such a conspiracy, we are preparing for the main attack.

These are still provocateurs. Everyone hopes that our military will lose their nerves and the IDF will be able to detect the characteristics of С400 !? Fly pigeons! Fly! And in packs you can! Our experts will understand where a pigeon!

Well, if you mean the Yeltsin era, then they spat on it, first of all, in Russia itself ...

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Nikolai, you apparently forgot (or did not know at all) how they spat on Russia before Putin .....

Tolya, you and the oak have collapsed, perhaps due to the fact that we have such a president who spit on the country for all and sundry, and the economy is artificially ruined. Syria is our ally, and Punia VV allows Israel to strike at Syrian territory in violation of international norms. The question is why does he do it when the revolution of Punia in Russia goes along with Dima and money to Israel in Israel will make plastic there and will live happily ever after by other personalities.

Thank you for the fact that in Russia we have such a president as Putin, thanks to him Russia and Russians began to respect

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Nobody needs a war. Once the Russian army does not interfere in conflicts, then it is so necessary for Russia. The leadership can see better. Only a stupid Banderovite may wish Russia a war with Israel, America or Turkey.

cunning Putin is not. Do not worry, but be proud that you have such a president, not somewhere in Germany or Poland.

I bring to your attention C200 can hit an F-type target 16 only at a height only above 200 and practically at distances longer than 100km. The С20 complex in the mode that Dukazanny Syria is not able to determine the range. So who is to blame for 28. a man who pressed the rocket launch button in the absence of reliable information 16 overlooked illiterate politicians

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Our already forgotten long ago about the downed aircraft in Syria, thanks to Israel. And Putin continues to be friends with him ... Do you hurt anyone?

And what does Iran have to do with it?

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I love Putin

dear friends do not need to spit saliva against Israel is a country that takes care of its not only in the country itself but also abroad, in contrast to our ingenious one who agreed on the destruction of our country

I thank the staff of the information resource “NZIV” for professionally executed blowjobs to me and my comrades. I believe the evidence is not needed, you can take my word for it.

An interesting way to dispose of their outdated Russian technology. A very intricate combination. Only now I would like to ask the players of the Middle East game: guys, do you feel sorry for our dead 15 of human lives?

The provocative-mocking article in the Jewish edition sets itself the task of "inserting a piston" of Russia. Should Putin continue to accept the fascist Netanyahu in the Kremlin? I think that the Kremlin is so sacred for the Russians that it is rather stained by a visit to this fascist Jew.

Russia is afraid of losing a good relationship with Assad. Iran can immediately replace the Russians.

Israel’s actions suggest that it was Israel that was to blame for the erroneous launch of the Syrian complex C-200. And now he sees traces. If Russia thought Syria was to blame for that launch of 100%, help of Israel.


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