C-300 in Syria


Israel talked about non-working Syrian C-300

Israel told why the Syrian C-300 are not dangerous.

About a week ago, it became known that one division of the Russian C-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system, set up in Syria at the end of last year, was deployed in the vicinity of Damascus. This information was also confirmed by satellite imagery, however, according to Israel, you should not be afraid of these systems, since they do not work.

The Israeli publication DEBKA, referring to a source in the Israeli military, reports that at the moment the Syrian S-300 “Favorit” air defense missile system has actually left its temporary bases near Masyaf, but they do not pose any real danger. air defense systems simply do not function.

"At the moment, Syria does not have the ability to quickly apply the Russian C-300, since there are no signs that the systems are in combat readiness"- said the publication.

The truth of the statements by the Israeli media is still unknown, but previously a number of Arab news agencies reported that with the commissioning of the Syrian C-300, they would be ready to attack Israeli combat aircraft in the full range of their combat use, which is near 250 kilometers

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