Launch of the C-300 missile


Israel: Russia is better not to disgrace its C-300

The Israeli consul advised Russia "not to disgrace" the supply of S-300 to Syria.

Former consul of Israel in Moscow, Alex Veksler, said that the supply of Syria's C-300 complexes Favorit would only underscore the uselessness of Russian weapons, but would not change Israel's position on air strikes on the Arab republic, but would only worsen relations between the two countries.

"C-300 will come - I do not think they will seriously interfere with us. They will simply prove their worthlessness, as the systems that exist today prove. We would not like to dishonor Russia, because I think our pilots will cope with C-300 too. I have no doubt about this. Therefore, it is unlikely that Russia should supply these systems, I think it will stop at the last minute ", - said Wexler on the air of "NSS".

On the other hand, a lot of questions are raised by Israel's official position on the delivery of the S-300 complexes to Syria, which obviously worries the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Taking into account Veksler's statements, it can be assumed that if Russian air defense systems were really ineffective, then Israel would not try to negotiate, which indicates a banal non-possession of the situation by the ex-consul of Israel.

It should be clarified that this morning Israel intends to hold a new round of negotiations with Russia on the supply of "Favorit" complexes to Syria, which only emphasizes Veksler's provocative position.

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- December 2016: "I agree with the proposal of the Ministry of Defense to reduce our military presence in the Syrian Republic, up to the last soldier."
- 11 December 2017: "In two years or so, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the Syrian army, completely defeated the most efficient group of international terrorists. In this connection, I made a decision: a significant part of the Russian military contingent in the Syrian Arab Republic is returning home to Russia, "Russian President Vladimir Putin said after visiting the Khemeymim base in Syria.

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Against the background of these statements will be tested with 400 and 500 We need to run them somewhere. Especially since 300 has not fought yet.

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"Former Consul of Israel"
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