Missile strike


Israel: Russia approved Israeli attacks on Iran

The media reported approval of the Israeli strike on the Iranian military.

As follows from the information provided by the Israeli publication The Jerusalem Post, Russia approved the Israeli attacks on the positions of the Iranian military in Iraq.

“Moscow and Washington agreed that Israeli strikes on Iraq and Syria are“ vital to Israel’s security, ”and that Israel should be allowed to continue to monitor Iran’s actions in Syria and Iraq and strike at Iran’s targets that could pose a threat to Israel, in particular, we are talking about long-range missiles and high accuracy ", - reports "The Jerusalem Post».

No official comments have been made by Moscow on this subject, however, experts believe that the information provided by the Israeli media is unlikely to be true, and is rather aimed at worsening relations between Russia and the Islamic republic.

“Iran is one of the most important strategic partners for Russia in the Middle East. Earlier it was reported that Russia condemns Israel’s actions related to delivering attacks on the Iranian military in Syria, and therefore, the arguments of the Israeli media look completely unconvincing against this background. ”, - the analyst notes.

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