Israeli Air Force and civil aircraft


Is Israel going to hide from Syrian C-300 civilian aircraft?

The situation is similar to the Russian IL-20, can be repeated with a civilian aircraft.

Despite the fact that According to official reports, the Israeli Air Forces have not been air-striking Syria for over a month, analysts did not rule out that in the near future Israel could substitute both Russia and Syria. According to expert estimates, the Israeli Air Force can attack the Syrian C-300 air defense system from neutral airspace, hiding behind civilian planes.

A similar statement was made against the frequent appearance of Israeli reconnaissance aircraft near civilian aircraft. According to expert estimates, the Israeli military checks the readiness of the Syrian C-300 complexes to repel attacks by the Israeli Air Force with the direct presence of civilian aircraft, which is confirmed by the records of flights of Israeli aircraft that literally mix with civilian aircraft in the airspace over the Mediterranean.

“There is no doubt that the latest Israeli attack on Syria (when Russian IL-20 was shot down - ed.) Was carefully planned. In fact, Israeli fighter jets hid behind Russian military aircraft, while there are serious risks that Israel will try to repeat this, but with civilian aircraft. ”, - the expert marks.

According to the analyst, if Israel really takes such radical steps, then the likelihood that Russia and Syria will attack the enemy’s airplanes will be reduced to almost zero.

“In fact, the guilt of Israel in the cover of civilian aircraft will not, and guilty in the event of any incident, recognize Russia and Syria. Syria should have declared its airspace closed for a long time, thus avoiding incidents, and at the same time depriving the rights of the United States and Israel to cross their borders and stay close to them. ”, - the expert emphasized.

Proved is confirmed. Israel is capable of such provocations.