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Israel has become ridiculous: Minister of Education demanded to make him Minister of Defense

The Israeli Minister of Education wanted to become Minister of Defense.

The latest Hamas rocket attacks on the territory of Israel have completely dispelled the myth of the security of the Jewish state. Against this background, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman applied for his own resignationIn this connection, it was made that the assumption that a much more ambitious face could come to this position, however, Israel only once again made the whole world laugh, caused by the fact that the Minister of Education of Israel country.

Naphtali Benet, who is the acting head of the Israeli Ministry of Education, announced that he intends to lead the Israeli army, in connection with which he has already filed a similar request with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Yesterday I appealed to the Prime Minister with the request to appoint me Minister of Defense”, - he said.

Against this background, the Network actively discusses the possible appointment of Benet to the post of head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense:

“With the arrival of Beneta, he will definitely need an education, for example, in order to count the bodies of Israeli soldiers”

“When the Minister of Education becomes Minister of Defense, the power of the country can be safely written off to zero”

It should be clarified that according to analysts, the Israeli authorities forced Lieberman to resign on the background of the fact that the Israeli missile defense system did not cope with intercepting missiles launched from the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Surprised by the author's sarcasm. Our Army is led by a builder, Rosgvardia is a mechanic, guards are guarded, the main oligarch of oil industry is a translator from Portuguese, the main builder is a physical education teacher, the head of the largest PMC (sovereign) cook-restaurateur. Such state logism in our kingdom can be brought a lot. And we still forbid someone to "pick one's nose". Apparently that's why we live.

We can recall Serdyukov in the Russian Federation, a bitter example.

Then he needs us to go to Russia

These are experts from the site are ridiculous! It’s time to know that all over the world for a long time there are civilian defense ministers! These are simple administrators in charge of procurement and collateral! That the United States does not cause laughter to you. But there is the same thing, and for a long time!


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