Complex C-200


Israel destroys C-200 complex in Syria

Israel destroyed in Syria S-200.

During the air strike that Israeli fighters inflicted on Syrian territory on the night of 13 on April 2019, the Syrian anti-aircraft missile system C-200 was destroyed. According to the data available to the current hour, the C-200 air defense missile system was destroyed by Israeli missiles in advance, in order to avoid a possible firing of fighters.

It should be clarified that at present this information is officially confirmed only by the Israeli media, however, no official comments from the Syrian Defense Ministry have yet been received on this account.

Earlier it was reported that Israeli fighter jets used electronic jamming against the Syrian and Russian air defense systems, which prevented timely detection of the approach of Israeli combat aircraft, as a result of which only a few missiles were successfully repelled. It should be noted that the reason for the latest Israeli attack on Syria still remains unknown, while the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also did not follow any comments, despite the fact that a division of Russian air defense missile systems was located next to Masiyaf. -400.

And who today in Syria called terrorists? Those who soaked 15 our officers along with the plane, Putin calls friends and partners.

Duc, in the ministries of the Russian 80 percent - Jews

The muddy story is not with "our" S ... The muddy story with their "destruction" and other misunderstandings.

Is there any one overwhelming kadrik about this? You can say a lot of things, prove problematic. It is like with the evidence that the f-16 Indians did not shoot down.

Some muddy story with our systems C ... They all seem to be praised, but there is no evidence for this, and no ...

No wonder Netanyah was in Moscow. have agreed.

that the Jews are so bloodthirsty - and that Russia, as a guarantor in Syria, is silent - in my opinion, it is necessary to inflict retaliatory strikes on Israel and not only reflect - all the terrorists of the land led by the United States must be moistened

Probably during reloading as "Shell" in 2018


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