Israel again launched a missile strike on Syria, but it was very mysteriously reflected

An Israeli strike on Syria was repelled by air defense.

Today, around midnight, Israel again launched a missile strike on Syrian territory. Israel’s overt aggression against a sovereign state ended in no way in favor of Tel Aviv - all the missiles that carried the threat were shot down, however, experts noticed a rather unusual defeat of air targets, which may indicate tests in Syria of a new air defense system, including , we can talk about ZRPK "Shell-S" of a new modification.

On the presented video frames you can see rocket fire on the Israeli side and an effective reflection of the attack by Syrian air defense systems of Syria.

However, in another video you can see an uncharacteristic interception of an Israeli missile - a cruise missile was shot down at high altitude, although in most cases the interception was carried out at relatively low altitudes. The situation caused a lot of questions, especially after the official Damascus a few weeks earlier announced the improvement of its air defense systems.

Israel itself recognized a night attack on Syria, noting that the reason for this was an attempt to liquidate the leader of the Palestinian Jihad group, however, for exactly the reasons Tel Aviv conducted a military operation on the territory of a sovereign state, it was not explained.

According to the data presented, as a result of the blows, minimal material damage was caused - victims were avoided.

Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth as a terrorist state No. 1

And when the Israeli office works, there are practically no victims. When intercepting one Israeli rocket, as a rule, one or two warehouses with Iranian weapons are spent ...

We have already seen this movie. It's time to write a new script.


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