Beat on Syria


Israel says missiles hit the Belarusian military in Syria

The Belarusian military died in Syria during the strike of the Israeli Air Force.

The Israeli newspaper Debka published information that during a night strike on the territory of Syria several Belarusian soldiers were killed. According to the publication, referring to a source in the defense department, we are talking about the Belarusian specialists who were engaged in servicing the Syrian air defense systems.

“As a result of the Israeli air force airstrike on the Syrian Center for Scientific Research, foreign rocket experts were killed and injured, in addition to Iranian and Syrian officers, who help the Syrians to service and adopt missiles. Sources said that among these foreign experts were Belarusian and North Korean specialists who worked in various departments of the institute. ”, - the newspaper reports.

Remarkable is the fact that the presence of the Belarusian military in Syria information appeared for the first time. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, this information was categorically denied, citing the fact. that the Belarusian military has never been to Syria - the only exception is the delivery of humanitarian aid. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus declared that the presented data was falsified.