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Israeli missile destroyed Russian military drones

The Israeli complex "Patriot" was shot down by a Russian military drones.

A few days earlier, the information portal had already reported that the Israeli Patriot complex fired in the sky over Syria an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle, presumably belonging to the Syrian or Iranian military. As it was found out this afternoon, the military drone was shot down, and, in the presented photos it is clear that it is a UAV "Outpost"- the Russian military reconnaissance aircraft, as evidenced by the inscriptions in Russian.

At the moment, it is known that the Russian drones "Forpost" was shot down only a kilometer from the Israeli border, which most likely indicates the fact that the Russian military tried to gather information about the Israeli forces in the Golan Heights, which of course the same, caused a lot of indignation on the part of Israel.

There have been no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation so far, but experts believe that the incident could seriously worsen the political relations between Russia and Israel.

* UAV "Forpost" - a licensed copy of the Israeli reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle IAI Searcher, produced by the "Ural Civil Aviation Plant" from 2012 year.

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