Hamas missile strike


Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome" again snapped. Video

The effectiveness of the "Iron Dome" of Israel questioned

Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome" could not intercept the missile. On the morning of March 25, in the A-Sharon area, there was a siren sounding the air raid alert. A rocket flown in from Gaza destroyed a residential building in the Mishmert settlement. The explosion damaged several cars.

Over the past month, it was the second rocket attack on Tel Aviv. Earlier, on the fourteenth of March, two rockets were fired from Gaza in the direction of Tel Aviv. "Iron dome" and then could not intercept them.

After such events, one has to doubt the effectiveness of the Israeli missile defense system. “Iron dome” does not save from missiles, although the leadership of Israel claims that the situation is always under control.

The main type of weapon Hamas - Qassam missiles. These are unguided rockets. They are made in an artisanal way. The design is primitive. It's just a piece of pipe, equipped with an engine and a warhead. Launch a rocket "by eye" using a simple launcher. Approximately, only one of the four missiles is able to hit the target, even if it is very large.

The Israeli missile defense system, having captured the target, must calculate its trajectory and intercept it. As it turned out, with the interception of severe difficulties. This operation is provided only in the case when there is a threat to human settlements. For this reason, most of the rockets are simply accompanied by the Iron Dome.

Recent events have shown that various resistance movements have had better problems with missiles. However, the shelling remains primitive. At the same time, because of them, the capabilities of the “Iron Dome” turn out to be doubtful. This is bad news, especially when it comes to a serious military conflict. The entire Israeli missile defense system, which has undergone major updates in recent years, is being called into question.