Shot down a drone


Israeli air defense system hit its own drone above the Golan Heights

Israel shot down its own drone.

According to Ebaa News, a few days ago, an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Syrian armed forces was shot down in the airspace above the Golan Heights (the territory of Syria occupied by Israel - ed.). As it turned out, we are talking about an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle.

"The American resource" Interspect "last Friday reported that an unmanned aerial vehicle that was shot down by Israeli occupiers (according to the publication - Ed.) A few days ago near the occupied Golan Heights, was produced in Israel and sold to the Russian side by the Syrian armed forces "- Ebaa News reports.

In fact, Israel destroyed its own drone - according to some data, this was done by the “Iron Dome” air defense and missile defense system. If the information is true, then we are obviously talking about the unmanned IAI Searcher II, which was licensed in Russia and was called the Outpost, but due to the lack of official comments, there are no details on this score.

Firstly it is a drone made in Russia and secondly the Golan is the territory of Israel and not Syria and closed the topic

What does the term "own" in relation to Israel, if we are talking about the drone, made in Russia and owned by Syria?