Israeli F-16s tried to trick Syrian S-300s, but ran into two Russian Su-35s

Russian fighters intercepted Israeli aircraft, trying to trick the Syrian S-300.

A little more than a day ago, Israeli F-16s tried to strike at the outskirts of the Syrian capital, firing at least 10 Delilah cruise missiles on the territory of Syria. Nevertheless, as it turned out, at least two Israeli combat aircraft tried to trick the S-300 air defense systems by entering into Syrian airspace from Jordan, however, Israeli fighters were trapped - Russian Su-35s were immediately sent to meet them, which forced the Israeli air force to retreat.

As follows from the information provided by the Twitter account of Syrian MC, Russian fighters were located over the southern part of Syria, which, presumably, indicates the interception of Israeli military aircraft. Moreover, the information on this subject is also confirmed by the Twitter account Sentry Syria, which monitors the situation in the sky over Syria.

It should be clarified that there are no official comments on this issue from Syria and Russia, however, during an interview with reporters yesterday, Netanyahu unexpectedly refused to comment on Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, apparently fearing that unpleasant facts could emerge.

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