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Israeli F-35 has learned to bypass Russian C-400

Israeli fighters F-35 have learned to avoid Russian C-400.

Russian air defense systems S-400 "Triumph", which according to unofficial data were deployed by Russia in Syria, provided full control in the sky over Syria and the environs of this Arab state. Nevertheless, experts believe that the Israeli fighters F-35I Adir have learned to deceive Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, which are considered to be one of the most advanced in the world today.

Until recently, it was believed that Russian C-400 Triumphs could detect and immediately destroy fifth-generation F-35 fighters, aided by a powerful radar and a special frequency range, however, according to the Sina edition, Israeli pilots managed to deceive air defense systems. This was done thanks to the use of special devices placed on the fuselage of the fighter, which interfere with the tracking of the aircraft, thereby not giving out its presence in the sky.

Earlier, experts also drew attention to the special devices placed on the fuselage of the Israeli fighter aircraft in the sky over Beirut, which allegedly could fully confirm the arguments of the Israeli military, who have repeatedly noted the facts of penetration into the territory of Syria.

On the other hand, it remains unknown how much the last week was seen an Israeli fighter X-NUMX, approaching the border of Syria for a distance of several tens of kilometers, resulting in its interception were sent Russian fighters of the fifth generation of Su-35, since taking into account the arguments of experts, this aircraft would still remain invisible.


These troughs are seen with-300

Okay, okay! Nothing our do not see and do not hear. One and the same, from the empty there to Asad as a giver, and will be cheering in Syria.and anyone whom Russia chooses! Russian planes, worse than Chinese copies, Russian planes!

not up to 2020, but until Stalin returns

Well of course they cheated if you do not fly then you can deceive the most advanced equipment, but the wise men did not think that every take-off is fixed, they have already outwitted themselves.

and what are the Jews' own evidence that their rubbish was not noticed? ) then that they were not brought down? ahahaha

What kind of nonsense are you talking about, if ...
Developing new models, this does not mean that the previous ones were bad.
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And what about the info about that that Telyaviv refused the part ordered by f35. Why?

Back in 1994. domestic radar "saw" wooden houses at a distance of 96 km., balloons at a distance more than 150 km., while sorting the group target into separate objects. The data given are from the experience of own service.
Therefore: if any aircraft was able to fly past S-400, it is not because he "deceived" the complex, but because he was ALLOWED to fly.
PS. In 1994, the radar, on which I served, saw objects at an altitude of 1m. from the ground at a distance of up to 150km.

The publication of Sina has recently published one empty rattling on the topic of Russian arms .... Is this some kind of Chinese version of uside?

You say ... against Lom there is no reception? .. yes there is .. there is. another scrap.

Especially I liked about Su-57 in Syria ...

When the Russian C-400 collapse, then we'll see, and so far we have not seen with-400 in action

Do not confuse, the one in Yugoslavia was f-117, that garbage could be shot down and C-75

These are Luneberg's lenses. They are put to increase the EPR of the aircraft to hide the true parameters. On the contrary, the airplane can be seen far away ..

nonsense wrote now everyone in the Internet newspaper - a specialist if stealth has already knocked down the old systems in Yugoslavia, then it will be knocked down both with 300 and with 400, just the time has not come, there are no technologies of complete invisibility (and even EPR is not reduced in all frequency bands) and the capabilities of the systems have grown by an order of magnitude in comparison with the Soviet ones, Internet chatter, it will be necessary-

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Do not write nonsense, 500 is another destination, a fight in space, other than simple air defense.

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It's hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there. These tales about invisible American planes are scattered in Yugoslavia. But there are idiots who believe in them from the filing of various publications for children, such as NI, populist mechanics and other comics.

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Of course, we learned bypassing S-400 well at a very great distance, because on closer they will be shot down.

it's deza, Israel squeezes the Iranians from Syria, their air raids, it does not make sense to interfere with them, let them squeeze out, the answer to Iran's claims, bypass our systems, what can you do, learn, build on an airplane, interfering in the form of radio waves can not be in principle, the system stealth is based on the fact that the aircraft does not emit anything, any radiation is caught and the airplane kirdyk.

If c-400 were actually so effective, then there would be no sense in creating C-500 complexes. So until 2020 year (the appearance of with-500 vn armament), Rossi will have to endure humiliation


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