The plane in the sky


Israeli F-16 fighters hiding behind Aeroflot aircraft

Aeroflot passenger aircraft became a cover for the Russian C-300 and C-400.

Tonight, the Israeli Air Force conducted another daring attack on a number of military facilities in the province of Damascus. It is known that at least one rocket fired by Israeli fighters was able to successfully hit a warehouse with rocket weapons, while neither the Syrian nor the Russian air defense did not open fire on Israeli fighters, which was primarily due to the presence of the company’s airliner Aeroflot and other civilian airplanes.

According to official data, Israel launched missile attacks on the suburbs of the Syrian capital in 23 hours 15 minutes (local time - ed.), Which corresponds to 21 hours 15 minutes according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The journalists of the information resource, thanks to the capabilities of the Flightradar24 service, found that during this period Israeli fighters were covered from Syrian air defense systems by the carrier Boeing 747 carrier Cargolux and Airbus A320 carrier, carrier Middle East Airlines.

Moreover, after 15 minutes after the first attack of the Israeli F-16 fighters, the pilots of the Israeli Air Force covered themselves from the Russian C-300 and C-400 air defense systems located at Hmeimim airbase and passenger airliner Airbus A320 of the domestic carrier Aeroflot, which completed the flight from Moscow to Beirut (SU510 - approx. Ed.).

Against this background, experts do not rule out that it is for these reasons that neither the Syrian nor the Russian air defense systems carried out an attack on Israeli fighters, however, no official comments on this score have yet been received.

When will we shoot down Jews threatening the security of our citizens !?

Israel is the last resort for the "Kremlin" when they run. They will not run anymore. it was then that the Jews, in fact, would get rich in full!

Though the map would look!
From Hmeimim to Damascus - 200 km.
C-300 cover the area outside the range of their missiles?

There are not only enemies around, but only Arabs. So why did you come here, because nobody called you here.

It seems that in the Russian Federation this has become a favorite excuse for covering Syrian (and possibly its own) impotence. The article is absolute nonsense. There was no cover by civil aircraft and there was no mention of any civil aircraft that were landing at the time of the attack. Excuse - a lie of pure water.

Nothing personal but the safety of our citizens. We must follow the example of Israel and shoot down and sink recently. We have already lost a military plane, but for civilian ......

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