Israeli fighters


Israeli fighters flew just 35 kilometers from Damascus

Israeli fighters illegally invaded neighboring Lebanon, and almost flew into Syrian airspace.

This afternoon, two Israeli fighters were seen several kilometers from the Syrian-Lebanese border, which not only suddenly appeared only 35 kilometers from Damascus, but almost did not violate the airspace of the SAR, flying only 12 kilometers from the border with Syria.

According to eyewitness accounts, Israeli fighters flew along the Lebanese coast, then dramatically changed course and headed east, approaching the Lebanese-Syrian border at a distance of only 12 kilometers. Experts have already called the actions of the Israeli pilots an open provocation, since Syria could well open fire from its anti-aircraft complexes on combat aircraft, which at the end of last year twice carried out unexpected attacks against Syria.

With what exactly the flights of the Israeli warplanes were connected, so far remains unknown, since this information has not been commented on by the Israeli Air Force Command. However, to date, Syria has modern C-300 “Favorit” air defense systems capable of hitting air targets at distances up to 250 kilometers.

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