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Israeli aircraft hunt for Russian submarines

Israel organized a hunt for Russian submarines in the Mediterranean.

This afternoon, the high activity of Israeli military aircraft was noticed in the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea. According to military experts, Israel is trying to locate Russian submarines near its shores, the coasts of Egypt and in the neutral waters of the Mediterranean, as confirmed by the video recordings made.

As can be seen from the presented video materials, Israeli military aircraft are actively exploring the airspace near their territorial waters, apparently trying to find something. Earlier, analysts drew attention to the fact that Russian military submarines are stationed in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, in connection with which, it was assumed that Israel decided to arrange a hunt for Russian submarines.

On the presented video you can see how the Israeli reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream G550 carries out long flights over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The height of the flight of the Israeli military aircraft is about 13 kilometers, while the trajectory of the flight is quite volatile, which emphasizes the fact of ongoing searches.

In another video you can see the route of another Israeli military aircraft Boeing 707, which is a tanker. The purpose of his presence in the air remains unknown, but the flight was carried out relatively close to the reconnaissance aircraft.

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