Israeli Air Force


Israeli planes again attacked the Syrian military bases

Israel has dealt a massive blow to the Syrian military base.

Tonight, Israeli military aircraft, launching guided missiles, launched a massive attack on the Syrian military base in the province of Aleppo. As follows from the information provided by the edition of The Jerusalem Post, Israel decided to continue the escalation of the military conflict in Syria, and therefore delivered a massive air strike on one of the Syrian military bases.

As a result of the air attack, at least 20 people were killed, and, according to preliminary information, we are talking about the Iranian military, who, in agreement with Syria, used the military base for their own needs and purposes.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the contradictory information that appeared in the Lebanese press, where it is alleged that the information provided by the Israeli military is untrue, and there was no military air raid on Syria.

"Israel is well aware of the end of the attack on Syria, especially since earlier Bashar Assad threatened Israel with rocket attacks on several cities in the country, if this state continues to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state", - follows from the expert's conclusion.

I completely agree with you, yes it's a shame, for that they show him on the box as he swims in the pool, and praise, and praise him, get out. It would be better to show how the people live and bathe in the basin, and not like Pu ... In the pool. He even honestly could not win elections.

You are confusing something. In the 2015-2016 year. there were no supplies of complexes to Syria. The intention is not yet delivery.

Israel has in service with 600 to 800 nuclear warheads - did you consider them? Israel does not have an atomic bomb! and there are no charges!

And maybe downhill. Jews are very intelligent and talented. Who will come up with all sorts of daggers, poseidons, rockets with nuclear engines, and other things. Who will teach, heal, laugh, rule, and so on ..

I'm sure that most (if not all) missiles from Israel beyond the borders of Syria will not even fly. What to say about the borders of Russia.

300 was never in Syria. And now they will. Horror is terrible.

... If they simultaneously suddenly inflict a nuclear strike on different cities of Russia ... from 600 to 800 ya.b what is so little written write from 6000 to 8000 so it will be more terrible))) in Russia 1500-2000 pcs. Israeli missiles must still take off, and then also fly.

It is necessary to destroy not only the occupation group-ISRAEL but the very ideology-sianiz about the God of the elect and the beasts of the two-legged slaves

Israel has in service with 600 to 800 nuclear warheads. If they simultaneously suddenly strike a nuclear strike in different cities of Russia, maybe half of the missiles will be able to be shot down and then in question! But imagine 300-400 nuclear warheads will lie on the territory of Russia. Our country will suddenly cease to exist. About the response I keep quiet probably in the place of Israel will remain a large funnel. But that will not make it any easier for us! We just as well as the Jews will not! In a word, we are compelled to reckon with Israel, as they, unlike the rest of the world, believe that they are deciding the fate of the world and only they have the right to who to be and who not to live. You forgot how they in 2015 and 2016 years destroyed several complexes with-300, which we put in Syria?

Nowhere ...
they are here "visiting" and according to myths they sold their planets to the gods, betraying humanity in his war by the gods ... (in the epic about the epic about this war)

The log will remain a log and the asshole always remains an asshole. You are a worthy example of both.

Bandera fascist. Read attentively the military press of Russia. V.Gerasimov warned the malans that when there will be a C-300 in Syria, they will be ordered to shoot down the Malaysians over Lebanon, and if necessary, then over Israel. Even in Syria they will be covered by PANCIERS

The general did not read the statement of V. Gerasimov that he would give the order of THREE-SINGER and 200 to shoot down the Malaysians over Lebanon, and if the launches go from the sky of Israel, then there too. Cover C-300 will be PANCIERS. Let our air defense penetrate

We need to shoot down the planes of the Jews. They always act so meanly - they will fly out and get home. At the same time they are beating from someone else's territory, from Libya ... Wants to shoot down planes, pilots will die, will think, do it next time or not ... They seem peaceful, but all conflicts come from them ....

And if they are removed from Russia, then immediately it will go uphill ...

The Jew has always been, is and will be a Jew, not a reimerable friend of the rest of humanity.

And who are the businessmen in Russia? Jews! That's all not long!

Eka news: Yes, the Jews have already at least 2 thousand years of muddied water on earth! As Henry Ford wrote there: "Isolate the 50 of the richest Jewish families, AND WAR ON THE EARTH WILL BE STOPPED!"

To that here to be surprised. Iran, Syria and most of the Muslim states put the destruction of Israel as a state at the center of its policy. As they wrote - the Jews did not forget about the Holocaust, that's why the Iranians, Hezbollah and Syrians are figuring.

Israel are ordinary American henchmen.

Tanya! You yourself understand what you wrote?

Correctly will make BASAR ASAD !! How much can you torment the miserable people of Syria1 Netanyahu needs to have friends, not enemies !! How much does Israel suffer? From such negligent leaders!

After placing with 300 attacks will stop.

Or maybe because there is no treaty with Syria to protect from NATO countries?

If Russia is an ally of Syria, then why is there no action against
aggression of Israel? Maybe because she is more inclined
on the side of the Jews, the raven does not turn down the crow.

It is enough to create a military alliance of China, Russia, Syria and Iran, and further on, other countries can join it. Kadyrov could take part in putting things in order in Syria, since the Chechen diaspora has lived there for centuries.

If the Russians destroy the ships of the Americans, they can confiscate Russian money in damages.

As it turned out, Jews are not the most intelligent people - they forgot about the Holocaust completely. The Arabs will not forgive and once, becoming stronger, they will wipe out the hateful state from the map. With neighbors it is necessary to live amicably ...

Israel begins to play the role of a kind of boy-bully, behind which stands the adult. Absolutely without taking into account that if he receives "surrender", then mass beating of Jews around the world will begin. Or rather, not beating, but destruction.

can not they be grounded

There is some kind of agreement between Russia and Israel. But, apparently the Jews crossed the red line and decided to put Syria in C-300

Strange you people. You justify the beatings of ISRAEL, EVEN if and over the Iranians. Do you forget that Iran's specialists are on the territory of a sovereign state. And if America strikes Russia for the fact that in its territory is hidden Snowden? How do you like this alignment? Israel in Russia is justified mainly by Russian Jews and those whose blood is obsessed with this nation.

If Israel really inflicted such blows, then he will not be bothered. It will simply be erased from the face of the Earth by the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran, and even the SAR will help them in this and the US as the "closest" ally of Israel will not do anything.

Forces are not enough. It is very difficult to confront the States.
Does this surprise you?

Iran, Iran, lately imagines, it is necessary to teach and preferably with someone else's hands, or they decided that the current allies are superfluous, we must invite very old Western friends.

Why do we have no one responsible for the security of the bases of our allies?

Paradox - all military bases of our allies are toothless. They can not resist, specialists die. Who is responsible for this?

In summer 94-th in the village turned off the light. And a year and a half lived without light. I hate independent Kazakhstan and the wartime struggle, by whose grace this education became possible. Now this village is not there, and neighbors too. Five thousand people left for permanent residence abroad. Here such independence.

Kindly, that you are always round with a warm confused?)) Who told you that this air raid in general was?!)) Suppose that there was ... base rent Iranians, to us WHAT questions? The Israelis are launching UR from the Lebanese EP .... look for a Mosca and try to think them)) DD

And if you carefully read and see where they shot?
There's not a single Syrian perished in my mind. :). Israel has its own goals - Iran, and if Syria supplies its bases to Iran, Israel lapses over them. And while Syria does not fight with Israel.

Dv is not an error, but purposeful actions. He is like that. The raven does not turn off the crow.

Yes it is very simple - the Israeli Air Force does not enter the Syrian air defense zone, and the launch of the missiles is for 30-40 km.

And what, for Vietnam, the USSR "began to wet" the US? And just as Vietnam was bombed - 10 years. And all this time the USSR "drenched the USA"? And for the war in Korea? Come to your senses, read something. While your comments are stupid and naive - "empty drishchalka."

Why should we embrace that with Israel we are partners and friends, a group of traitors who left our homeland and wanted it to die or collapse soon, and only in case of danger like Nazi Germany did they choose the right side, the rest traded with the Nazis and with us. Now think ....

all the misfortunes of people, from the fact that the desires are huge, the possibilities are limited, therefore, wars, robbery, violence take place.
because of this, the dogmas of religion, communism and other utopias collapsed --- people's needs are enormous, opportunities are limited
and the science of the earth is not omnipotent !!!! Alas, let my labors read
The KGB and the CIA, I write with all my heart and rightly, there is nothing ideal on earth-one dream

Do not lie, you did not see in North Kazakhstan, a complete collapse, I lived there 20 yo.Sovhozy fell apart work there are no roads in the district center of Timiryazevo.A you see living in Astana, these are different states.

Here in the Soviet times I often went to Kakhakhstan-everything is the same as in Rossty! I never saw in the USSR that there was no light! The supply in Kazakhstan was better and this is unequivocal! In all republics the supply was better than in Russia.

I share your opinion. I have the same feelings. I do not want to watch Soloviev's programs anymore.

Baba was frightened by the freezing of 20mbrd. Until this time, he can not come to his senses. He saw all that he could promise.

big mistake our president of. that dosih por believes inverters. agents to tsar Nazarbayev. and others, this will not lead to a good one. there is no clear foreign policy. Internals in the corkscrew. After the election dirty. The United States is constantly bribing.participate in affairs in other countries. we observe.

About the sect, I agree, about "their way out of Egypt - great at this expense of doubt ... Like their entire history, the confirmation of which - only the Jews with their own inventions about the chosen.

You came to visit. Some people break into the house and start to destroy everything with the words: "It was you who spoiled the air!" And you: Only do not touch me.
This does not remind you of anything !?

Jews are the main outlaws of peace in the region. It is a deep mistake-the creation of such a state. They prefer the desert, the dandy so they missed.

one of the main immediate goals of all this leapfrogging is to deprive us of the World Cup, we are cautious of ours, World Cup will be held and the most interesting will begin .. store semachkami .. popcorn in the furnace

Actually, this is a disgrace. How Israel behaves. They forgot how the Germans mocked them. They did not like it. And now they took fashion to bomb Syrian land. Russia, Iran, Turkey are there to destroy terrorists. And what does Israel do there? Whom does he destroy?

with such "partners" as Kazakhstan and Belarus, the mechanisms of deterring aggressors are apparently not workable.

Shot 71 tomahawk ?! And the Israelis flew and worked with impunity on their targets!
The reflective surface of F-16, F-15, is several times larger than that of tomahawk.
Question: If 71 is shot down, much smaller targets, then why did Israel bomb out without losses?
A! Well yes! The curvature of the Earth and the curvature of propaganda delirium!

And it seems to me that Russia is just holding a pause! Think about what will begin if we start to fool the US Their ships, which right now go to the battle raid, destroy, it's 15 seconds! But it is fraught with a global conflict, you yourself understand how this can end! Trump is also not a fool, right now he struck blows so that God forbid Russian contingent can not be hooked! Fucked on the outskirts of Damascus (type by laboratories). The West is pleased, such a response to Syria was made for the use of chemical weapons, as they think. In general, these fagots will suck directly to us-and correctly do! If a global conflict begins, there will be no winners! @ # @ # @ will be all!

Ve is a lie! Until we destroy the illegally created occupation group "Israel" - there will be no peace in the World !!!

The Jews, if they did, are foolish. Fuck with them. But the fact that the League of Arab States Uncle Sam managed to win over to his side - this must be considered well. The discord between the Arabs always arose when one of them declared that he was the main Arab. So it was with Assad. Then on his hands grew Uncle Sam. And, judging by the decision of the Arab League, Arabs are inclined to serve him no less than Israel. Even fight with him for a place under the American sun.

It is high time to work out mechanisms for deterring aggressors. Crazy insulate and knit. The UN does not have such a mechanism, so it is not able to protect the world or a single country. Therefore, everyone is afraid of the United States, especially given their vindictive policies. No one would support them if they saw that the Russian Federation really holds the word. It would be possible to create a new international army based on the CSTO on the basis of the CSTO, and to accept Syria and others in the Collective Security Treaty Organization that are against such bombings, to equip them with weapons that Putin recently told and not believed in by the United States. Syria has the moral right to bomb the United States, France, Britain, Israel; has the right to shoot down and sink airplanes, ships. The Russian Federation has the moral right to defend an ally, especially since they were there at the time of the bombardment (how did they feel there, circling around?) These scandals with chemical weapons. weapons give the RF the right to participate in the destruction of chemical weapons. laboratories of the USA, England, etc., in whatever countries they are located, especially in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

From a political article about the attacks on Syria
"It is gratifying that the leadership of the United States and the subordinate powers are still separating their inner media vids from the harsh reality.
... I cry and roll under the table.

For what power are you upsetting the insult? Putin-the stranger and did everything right and the US did not touch the Russian base and did not kill the Russian soldiers, but released steam from their boilers and the old Tomahawks were scrapped .....

And why did you come to Russia from Kazakhstan? Yes, and muddy water. Do you have a conscience? Or are you, like your fellow countrymen, not using it? Or are you taking an example from your president-a turnabout?

Of course, the correct Zhidy remained, of them Yakov Kedmi. Listen to him, there is something to learn

Similarly experienced a shock
Moved from Uzbekistan

We do not have a union treaty with Syria. We were invited to fight the internal enemy. And the Syrians know this, and so they wave our flags. Why is it a shame that they did not unleash the war because of the three wounded? Turn on the brain, if you have

Not thrown out. His Borka for what to replace called for, when he lost the election Zyu? What would hold the regime. Installation: you can pretend to be a patriot, but do not touch the "Chubais" and do not solve the main issue - the review of the results of gambling privatization in favor of the popular ethnos: Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Hayty, Abramovichi .... and one Ukrainian Bronsteinenko .... .

Kazakhstan seems lucky that there are no Kazakh Jews, and there is nobody to steal!

Look at the 100 list of the richest. For him Paul Klebnikov slapped. As I explained - 82 with Jewish roots and 18 with Muslim. And this is in a country that fits monoethnic. Delilah Naina El'tsina right ... Because they are their ancestors on the Kulikovo field .......

Do not cry defchenki yet not time to poke on the most tonsils, if there is no mind then suffer and howl, and in the case one had to be otverplitsya-type steep, another type of dog bark while the air defense works, and the caravan goes and everyone is happy, and you scream until the fact, the status quo is observed, and our strategists in Iran have a place on the bases))))))

True, Russia has its own law and order. Why is Russia being served on provocations? And why dance on other people's rules? if one time pindosam arrange a baptism in Russian then everyone will be happy.

a state that does not have its own production there is no ideology there is no faith. And tanks and missiles are produced in a single copy for the parade that's just the TERRITORY of the globe

For Putin's place, the other would be the president would make a mistake and kneel before the US, but as we see at the moment there is calm and common sense, analyzed every moment, so as not to go beyond all possible agreements and laws.

I agree that one of two applications of Alabuga was enough to calm the lords out of the creek. but alas, there is a danger that even with the use of pest control the entire Middle East would be completely radioactive dust and then Europe and then Pindosia and then it would reach us round the earth. I personally am not happy with the rest of my life walking in a gas mask and with a dosimeter. * Pest control means a means of destroying a radioactive charge without an explosion, that is, without a chain reaction.

... and we will protect the wealth of the oligarchs.

The fact is that Russia is not led by politicians but by merchants. And businessmen do not care about national interests very much

In Egypt there was never slavery, but a kind of correctional camp was there from this sect and went. not a gift in the blatant jargon is one of the Jews. stolen artifacts and killed the priests and fled taking the most notorious from prison .... Imagine what the gangster sect is now. look at Pindosia, a vivid example of a gangster sect that has declared itself a country for several centuries already an exceptional country

It would be worthwhile for Syria to loudly launch the "yellow duck" for the whole world, just like the US. It will be cooler:

"On the wreckage of two Tomahawk rockets that exploded in Syria, traces of chemical warfare agents have been found, evidence of the US guilt of using chemical weapons in Syria has been collected and documented and will be presented to the world community in the near future."

You a young man from the sofa know best

There are no friends of Russia, unfortunately, all sucked from it soki.Kto more who are less .. Cuba, Vietnam, and all sorts of Angols from Mozambique and ... and in the times of the USSR pulled everything, I know because I lived in Kazakhstan, moved to Russia and heart bleeding ... I did not even expect that central Russia is so zachuhanaya ... In Kazakhstan, the most distant aul is stretched the road, the minimum grader and in Russia in some villages there is NO LIGHT !!!! I WAS SHOCKED..

Get ready guys. I'll have to take the iron again!

It seems to have been warned whose ammunition will injure (kill) a Russian citizen or a military man, an offshoot will arrive there.

What kind of answer can be given, if all our grandmothers have pendoses?

Not Senken hat, this thesis puts a lot in its place. Therefore, there is no answer.

And again showed concern about the next, but it's time to do so that no aircraft would return to Israel, so a couple of times and all the raids will end .....

It is necessary to put an ultimatum to Israel -if at least one bomb or rocket falls on Syria from the Americans of the British or their allies - the military structure of Israel will be attacked by cruise missiles-and more correctly to join Syria to Iran for the joy of Israel ..

Edak Jews are satisfied with the fact that Napalm will pour Tel Aviv ...

Look at the list of our government, the Duma, show business and the media-there Jews up to 70 ty%. They have long been twisting Russia as they please.

To strike a missile strike on the Jews, then they can calm down and go to the sugar to look for a place to live - once they disrespect Moses of their own.

All my life I was proud of my country (Russia), and today, after the shelling of Syria, I'm ashamed of the country. And no excuses that they were afraid of getting into the Russian military are an attempt to justify the SHAME !!!

Yes, there is no one to wet and do not intend to, hang noodles to the people. Where do their children and grandchildren live? in the same England and America ..

Shame on Putin over Syria shame, that's fucked up before the whole world ,, before all talk show screaming, yelling, let them try, we will not allow the prestige of the country ,, has been dropped through the floor, well, now wait on, when you are your same fosterling throw out the collar of the kremlja.Da what there to say, FOR DERZHAVU OBIDO

With you, I agree. It was necessary at least to knock down the Englishman and drown the Frenchman, and even to suppress the SILE.

Let's be honest - KREMLIN SHAME. In the chest they beat themselves, threatened. Result-OBO ... SL! Threw allies! Shame on Mr. Putin! And this is after the performance and the show of "cartoons." Who chooses a shame will get both war and shame-axiom !!!

And the Kremlin will issue new sanctions for support of Syria, apparently for the fact that Russia did not respond to the coalition's blow, but chewed snot. If struck back, the coalition seems a long time to come to himself, but here again is conniving ... impotent power, rowers in the galleys ... She had not responded to previous ...


In the US Congress sit the same Jews that in Israel, so they spat at all

I agree. For myself, I'm ashamed.

All right, for the loot of our thief-oligarchs, the country pays honor and dignity. Soon, with Russia, no one will shit ... on one hectare does not sit!

Ivan! Are you already at the military enlistment office?

No answer will be given by Russia. This chatter has been going on for several years. In fact, Russia in Syria betrayed its
Allies - Iran, and most importantly Syria. Russia and China are two plasticine states. Never the USSR would not allow bombing Syria, would begin to water the United States, that the Americans would be enraged, like in Vietnam. And all these conversations and intimidation are empty drischalka.

That's all the same right was Hitler, when the Jews burned the stove, all this carrion 2 thousand years ago had to be lime to the root

No answer will be given by Russia. This chatter has been going on for several years. In fact, Russia in Syria betrayed its
Allies - Iran, and most importantly Syria. Russia and China are two plasticine states. Never the USSR would not allow bombing Syria, would begin to water the United States, that the Americans would be enraged, like in Vietnam. And all these conversations and intimidation are empty drischalka.

The Jews wanted to expand their territory by unleashing a war they had long understood by means of Russia they did not succeed. They lack land, that's what's beside. It's surprising why all the people with whom they lived side by side hate them with their centuries they killed. Jews and many centuries were slaves and shepherds of Egyptian pharaohs and suddenly they began to exterminate what the reason is not understood. There were times they were not allowed to live in many big cities. Living on the Palestinian land a strait of blood live on their land calling the saints. Jews would not get if Stalin did not give up.

Jews have always been different, showing their chauvinism. They should be put in place. And the faster, the better. Otherwise they will not give life to Russian. Read Gilad Atzmon.

all are waiting for action from Russia-downed planes of sunk ships of missile strikes punishment to brazen outlaws ..... and there is not one chatter! you receive a pier in the eyes of God's dew. this betrayal is a shame

Jews have always unleashed all the wars in the world. It is not a secret for anyone. They want to enslave the whole world for a long time. It is necessary to inform more of this information to people, otherwise they will become insolent. I want to read about Gilad Atmone. He opens his eyes a lot. Read and give this information to others. And in our government there are almost only Jews. It is necessary to inform the people about the truth about the Jews. The people are obliged to know this. We, the Russians, must liberate our Motherland from the Jewish yoke.

Our allies:
- Byelorussia supplies Syrian Igil weapons;
- Kazakhstan is moving towards the US alliance.
Ah, who else? A! Turkey with Israel!
They pound our coffin.

Officially put Syria to C-300. And who will shoot: trained Syrians, of course

And to sense? Who will listen to Russia? Do we listen to many diplomats in the UN? And such as the partner Erdogan - it's all finished carp, he wants to sit on three chairs ... There is such a thing, money is called. So, all these UN, OPCW, IOC, etc. - all bought, and who is not bought - that is intimidated. And the world is going to hell to hell because only a few of their salaries are in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions ...

So what does Israel want? So before the large-scale war near ... Israel will end in this war. Wise Jews do not understand that they will dig their own grave in the promised land ... It is necessary to be friends with neighbors!

But what's going on, damn read the news and just no strength to tolerate the dullness of the West, but can it be that everyone is stupefied by all the brains dried chem. attacks, and scratches so that someone would be accused of proving it is as clear as day. What is sought, in this case, with fools to act on their language, just say that the red area was poisoned by a former scout and blamed it on America and Britain and helped them in this Paris, pour some whiteness and shout from all the stands about the act of terrible aggression all around blaming with a blunt face or not to listen to a couple of videos on the square as the police and the ambulance is working to report a few victims and wait .... After all, stupid Englishmen, they are a citizen of the Russian Federation, and now illegally keep it generally normal o ???? ... Why is our government silent? Well, screaming stomping feet knocking botany on the podium.

Around Putin there is only a Jew that he can do to insolent Israel.

All the Jews of the Jude probably did not have to rush to release them from the concentration camps.

Russian bases will be the following) Israel pofigu who are there Rossia, Iran or Sisiria - they are firing missiles, and then will be dealt with later

These massanov long ago had to be sent to the next world