Military in Syria


Israeli media: Russian ordered to shoot the Syrian military

Israeli media reported on the demands of the Russian military to shoot at the Syrian military.

The Israeli news publication published an article of dubious content stating that the Russian military participating in military operations in Syria ordered the Syrian command to open fire not only on militants, but also on Syrian soldiers, as soon as the latter showed even the slightest inclination to disobey and desertion.

«In the past few days, high-ranking Russian commanders took part in the battle in Idlib, in northwestern Syria, and decided to deploy military police units along with Russian military personnel in the rear of various Syrian forces (including those participating in battles on the side of the CAA - approx. Ed.). Russian units received a clear order to shoot at any deserter trying to escape from combat zones. ”- Israeli reports information resource "NZIV".

Experts criticized the Israeli edition for the information of unreliable nature, catching journalists that the information is provocative and aimed primarily at creating a conflict between the Russian, Syrian and Iranian military.

“It is clear that the information is fake, because we are not talking about any major battles. Moreover, it is reported that Russians are allegedly in the rear, while, thanks to the active support of the Russian military, it is possible to take control of important regions and localities. ”- said the analyst

It should be clarified that this is not the first time that Israeli media publish provocative information.


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