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Israeli forces are again tied to the borders of Syria

Israel again wants to attack the territory of Syria?

As follows from the data presented on social networks, Israeli troops were again seen near the border of Syria, which may indicate another attack on the Arab Republic. According to the "Twitter" microblogging that has appeared in the network, the movement of heavy military equipment and activity among ordinary military personnel have been observed on the Golan Heights. The Facebook social network reports that residents of the border areas of Israel were informed that in the event of a signal, everyone would have to leave their homes immediately and go to the next bomb shelters and shelters (no official confirmation was found - Ed. .)

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he did not see any need to strike on the territory of Syria without obvious reasons, therefore, the movement of Israeli troops could be associated with the usual relocation.

It should be clarified that the last time Israel attacked the territory of Syria 10 May, as a result of which several Syrian air defense systems were destroyed (S-75, S-200, Buk-M1, Pantsir-X1), as well as military equipment and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Iran, in connection with which Iran announced its readiness to launch massive missile strikes on Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Initially, Russia intended to supply S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria, however, due to unknown circumstances (according to unofficial data, after the meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin - approx. Ed.), it was decided to temporarily postpone the issue.

Experts do not exclude that a new shelling, if the information on this corresponds to reality, can become another provocation towards Iran, that is, in fact. Israel is covered by missile strikes against Syria, noting that Iran is trying to arrange an attack on Israel, quite unreasonably calling this country aggressively minded.

On the other hand, during the last attack, the Israeli anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system caused a serious failure, having missed several missiles, as a result, the system considered to be perfect was vulnerable.

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