Israeli Air Force


The Israeli Air Force is hiding behind C-300 and C-400 civilian aircraft. Video.

The Israeli military cover their planes with civilian airliners.

On the eve of the day the Israeli reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream G550, taking off from a military airbase in the south-east of Israel, began to conduct reconnaissance at the western borders of Syria. Due to the fact that the Russian military launched its electronic suppression systems on the west coast of the Arab Republic, in particular, we are talking about EW Krasukha complexes, Israeli military aircraft did not approach the Syrian coastHowever, experts have paid attention to the fact that the aircraft, following the same route, is covered by civilian airliners.

As can be seen in the video, the Israeli military aircraft clearly carries out an observation mission, however, in more than two hours in flight, it is covered by dozens of civil aircraft. According to analysts, the Israeli military are thus trying not so much to hide their presence as to check the readiness of the Russian and Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems to attack the Israeli aircraft with the direct presence of civilian aircraft.

It should be clarified that earlier the Israeli air forces, using similar tactics, were able to inflict large-scale attacks on the western coast of the Syrian Arab Republic, substituting for the strike of the Syrian air defense systems the Russian Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft.

Just not grateful bastards, and besides, they are also corrupt, but as they say, the land is still hopefully still crawling to the Kremlin with apologies

No, if you please, the DRLO plane is in no way a civilian object.

The Jews did not have a state - the State of Israel created the Soviet Union, led by I. Stalin, after the battle with the Nazis in 1941-45-s. The Jews behave strangely today, the Arabs - very strange. And again, Russia will have to indicate the place to the Jews and Arabs - so that there is peace in the Middle East for the entire planet.

And where is he hiding behind? His flight can be tracked online. Secondly, this is a civilian plane that did not even fly to Syria ...