Rampage Rocket


Israeli equivalent of the complex "Dagger" was applied in Syria

Israel has applied in Syria an analogue of the Russian complex "Dagger".

This afternoon there was information that during the Israeli attacks on Syrian territory on the night of April 13, the Israeli military launched their newest supersonic aeroballistic missile Rampage, which was previously called the "killer of air defense systems." It is known that when this rocket hit it was destroyed a large warehouse in Syrian Masyafe, while analysts pay attention to the fact that it was because of the characteristics of the rocket that the Syrian military could not intercept them.

The Israeli air-to-surface missile “Rampage” was previously called the “brother” of the Russian Dagger air missile system. This is due to the not so fast flight of the rocket, which is only 1,6 - 1,7 MAX, which is much lower than the hypersonic speed, but an aeroballistic trajectory along which the rocket moves, which makes its interception rather difficult.

The media reported that Israel could have used supersonic Rampage missiles from long distances, thereby not exposing its fighters to the attacks of Syrian air defense weapons, which, as we know, did not open fire on Israeli combat aircraft.