An Israeli airliner on batteries caught fire at the first test. Video

An Israeli passenger plane caught fire at the very first attempt to take off.

A few hours ago, at an airport in Arizona (USA), while testing an innovative Israeli battery-powered aircraft, the latter suddenly caught fire. The incident occurred while conducting ground tests, while, according to a number of sources, the overheating of the batteries, which, as it turned out, were incorrectly selected for their power, was to blame.

How much it turned out to be damaged is still unknown.

“The frames show how firefighters fill the plane with water or special extinguishing agents. Judging by the intensity of the fire, it can be assumed that the prototype received significant damage. According to the portal Flightglobal, the developers will soon investigate the causes of the fire, as well as assess the damage. While it is assumed that the cause of the fire could be an external battery, which was connected to the aircraft’s onboard power supply during the tests. ”- сообщает "9tv."

Previously, experts already called the Israeli project very raw and not even ready for testing, however, the reluctance to modify the aircraft, calculated, incidentally, for regional flights, due to a possible increase in cost, obviously led to a similar incident.

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