Airstrikes in Israel


Israeli air strike destroyed three air defense complexes in Syria

The Israeli air strike caused serious damage to the air defense of Syria.

A day earlier, the news agency reported that the Israeli Ministry of Defense had decided to launch a massive air strike against the Syrian military airbase T4. Despite the fact that the Syrian C-200 air defense systems repelled an Israeli attack, knocking over one of the enemy’s aircraft and forcing the others to retreat, several missiles caused serious damage to a military airbase and destroyed three Tor M1 complexes.

The Syrian authorities have not yet confirmed this information, but it is known that the T4 airbase actually produced from two to four missiles that were not affected by air defense systems, and therefore it is logical to assume that the information provided may well correspond to reality .

It should be clarified that there is no evidence to confirm the fact of the defeat of the Israeli combat fighter, but against the backdrop of this, the Israeli authorities announced that they would destroy any aircraft approaching the Golan Heights, namely here in the coming days, and possibly hours, an offensive operation will begin near the western borders of Syria, and experts have not ruled out the possibility that Israel may begin to attack Russian planes, which, incidentally, can unquestionably result in a military conflict.

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