Fighter F-35


Israeli F-35 crashed and was detected by air defense systems throughout the region

Israeli "stealth" due to a software failure, was visible on the radar.

According to data provided by a number of Israeli military sources, as well as publicly available resources that allow tracking of the air situation as a result of a failure in the software of the Israeli F-35 fighter, the Israeli air force combat aircraft became a target for all air defense systems in the region, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Russia.

“The Israeli Air Force stealth F-35 discovered its location at noon on Monday, when an unencrypted data transmission channel worked during the Air Force exercises, when it circled over a nuclear research site in Dimona. The opening of an unencrypted data channel allowed civilian tracking software such as FlightRadar24 to track it. According to the data, the Israeli Air Force fighter flew through airspace to the site of nuclear research at an altitude of 31 feet at a speed of 000 miles per hour. An unusual event occurred around 600:12 and lasted about 00 minutes. ”, - reports “Ynet”.

What could be the reason for the failure of the software of the Israeli military aircraft is unknown, however, experts believe that if, under external influence, it is possible to influence the operation of the software, then the Israeli Air Force will have very serious troubles.

“In 20 minutes, you can destroy any aircraft. F-35 is no exception, and even air defense systems of the middle of the last century will be able to bring it down ”, - the expert marks.

oh and cunning, it was worth jokingly indicating the fact of observing the route of this "stealth" and the whole tragedy the plane broke stealth does not work PEOPLE ACCIDENT pilots jumped out of the plane from laughter ..... not really really funny as it is

Well, the mere fact of detection suggests that this is not an invisible plane. And he is not worth that kind of money. Then, as far as I know, although I am not special in stealth technology. But as far as I understand electronics is not so important plays on independence, but the geometry itself, the thermal trail and the coating of the aircraft. Yes, maybe I'm wrong, but in Yugoslavia a plane was shot down, too, a super duper inconspicuous!

As soon as the “invisible” turns on its radar, it will become “bright”

Lavrov has 4 eyes ... he’s not like that .. he’ll see ....

Detection is not the equivalent of shooting down: If you move a track from a radar to an interceptor capable of hitting targets at farther distances than those at which the "invisibility" could detect and bring down this interceptor, this will significantly reduce the likelihood of an "invisibility" being hit. Detection is not the point. There is a whole chain of tasks, each of which must be successfully solved in order to intercept and destroy a stealth aircraft, ”the lieutenant general emphasized.

According to him, the described "transfer", going from a ground-based radar with an extremely large aperture to a radar with a much smaller aperture, creates significant problems for air defense. "Even if the radar performs a detection, then it will have to track the target. The data will be transmitted to a missile using a much smaller radar than the one used for detection," he continued. The expert added that even if successful at this stage, stealth technology can cause the interceptor to miss at the final point. “At each subsequent step, stealth technology reduces the likelihood of a successful interception,” the general concluded.

There are no invisible aircraft. No wonder the technology is called "stealth." Detection of the F-35 and F-22 is difficult at long distances compared to aircraft without the use of EPR lowering technologies, but it is quite possible.

And in this case, the F-35 had a transponder turned on, he transmitted his coordinates himself, as civilian liners do.

The transponder turned on, which transmits the signal "I'm here" and publicly available data about the aircraft, rather than "visibility / invisibility".

on F35 as well as on F22 there are special devices - screens - which artificially increase their dispersion area to ordinary ones like F16 or su57
(which in fact does not possess invisibility). They do this on purpose - so that the enemy could not check their real characteristics)) So here they just turned on the screen and became visible)))

Well, he flew on his territory)

Yes, there’s a big button in the cockpit. Press and become invisible. 2 clicks, you become inaudible.
3 clicks, you become not knocked down.
It can be seen the pilot hit the button.

Do you see what is written there? Can you read? At first, the heading that became visible to the air defense systems. And then the explanation that he was noticed by a civilian flyradar.
And our military see this f-35 for two thousand kilometers, regardless of the software of these aircraft. In general, the matter is not in the program, but in the physical properties of the radio signal, the technical characteristics of the air defense system and the reflecting surface of the iron bird.
Just recently, Lavrov said that we are using the new ZGRLS "Container" for 2000 km. saw six f-35s near the border of Iran

Well, stealth star began to crawl out. They have a software failure ...

I mean, if the F-35 had not failed, then no one would have discovered it. So invisibility turns on and off. And I thought that from the very take-off it was always invisible to the radars of the Russian Federation

Very scary, suddenly Uncle Sam is offended

Well, yes, easy and fast. One rocket - and no problem)))

and why didn’t they bring it down? missiles? forgot to charge? or has syria still not mastered the s-300?

Do not say gop until you are up to date.

And why, "the experts decided that this was a software failure?! But even if this is the case, then such problems can be fixed easily and quickly.


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